Onehope Wines: A New Twist On Charitable Wines

Want Your Wine Dollars Going to Charity? Read the Fine Print:

A screenshot of’s home-page.

Onehope Wines is a relatively new wine company. However they have already donated over 1.4 million to charitable causes.

What sets Onehope Wines apart from other charitable wineries is that they will donate to different charities based on which wine you purchase.

Here’s how it works: different wine collections will donate to different charities. Each of these collections have an unique cause, and the amount of money donated to said cause also varies from collection to collection.

Confused yet?

There are two ways of looking at this. For one, it’s an unique charity model that gives the consumer more power to support the causes that they want to support. You aren’t stuck giving money to one charity over and over. With this way of looking at it, the informed consumer gets to really choose where his goodwill goes.

The other way of looking at it is this: it paralyzes the consumer with too much choice. Imagine going into a wine store and you see all the Onehope Wines on the shelf. Which do you choose? Not only do you have to decide which one tastes best, you also have to decide which cause to support. What if the best tasting wine donates to a cause you disagree with?

I imagine that Onehope Wines would say that the types of consumers that seek out charitable wines are usually well-informed and already know what they want to support before they even visit their website.

I hope that’s true. But it is definitely a brave and unique model for a wine company.

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