Welcome to Philanthropiewine.com!

Our Mission:

Here at Philanthropie Wine we endeavour to highlight wines from all around the world that use their company to make the world a better place. Whether its donating proceeds to valuable causes, using environmentally friendly wine-making processes or helping to employ people in poor regions around the world, these wines have the distinct taste of philanthropy in them.

The 3 Ways To Be Highlighted On Our Site:

1. Donating To Charitable Causes

Does your wine donate all or part of your proceeds to a valuable cause? Many wines will donate part of all of their proceeds to a cause that they believe in.

2. You Ethically-Source Your Grapes

ethically sourced grapes
Where do you purchase your grapes? Image Credit: Wikimedia

Another way to do good in this world is to grow industry in areas that normally wouldn’t thrive. If you ethically-source your grapes from regions that normally wouldn’t have a sustainable wine industry, this can be seen as using your business to help shape the world for the better.

3. You Raise the Standard of Wine

And finally, does your wine taste great? Donating to charity is admirable, but if your wine is terrible then your ability to consistently donate to charity will go down, down down as customers learn to stay away from your wine. Philanthropy can only go so far.

That’s it! We hope you enjoy our website and use it to cultivate your taste for wine and your taste for philanthropy.